Support Tara as she 'Run's Hackney' for us!

On 8th May 2016 Hackney will be hosting another half marathon, and we are excited to announce that one of our practitioners, Tara is taking to the streets on our behalf! Watch this space to keep up to date with the money raised and to see if we make our target.


Tara first came to Hackney Shed as a volunteer 6 years ago and was so fantastic we gave her a job and she has been working with us ever since! She is a valued member of our team and a keen runner. Our members are very excited and we hope that you will be able to be there to cheer her on as she runs for Hackney Shed on the 8th May!

"I can't wait to run for Hackney Shed! With all the brilliant creativity, positivity and energy that the young people give me every week I should have enough fuel to keep me running for a lifetime! It's a real pleasure to run in aid of a project I have been with for so long and believe in so strongly. Promise that doesn't mean I'm slacking off on the training, most Tuesdays before I come to Hackney Shed sessions I go for a 7K run, cross train on Mondays and Wednesdays, squeeze in a short run on a Friday and then Sunday mornings are all about pushing past a 10K run these days...phew, go Hackney Shed, gooooo!"

Watch Tara in training and members sharing their words of support in a short film clip HERE.

Our aim is to raise £250 to go towards the costs of our end of term show put on by our members in July 2016. Our inclusive policy means we are open to children and young people with or without special needs, and our shows are original productions that focus on the ideas, skills and talents of our members. Support Tara and the work we do at Hackney Shed today and help our members put on a show they will never forget!

HOW TO DONATE We are collecting sponsership donations via our paypal account as for a small organisation like us this is the most cost effective and simple way to do it. This is a secure, quick and easy way to donate. You don't need to have a paypal account to make a donation this way as the system also accepts most credit cards. Please note that for every payment made paypal take a 1% + 20p charge, so we won't get every single penny, but compared to other methods of donating we benefit the most using paypal! Use the reference 'Run Hackney' when you donate so we know this is a sponsor. If you know Tara and will be seeing her in person you can also sponsor her the old fashioned way with cash! She has a sponsorship form! Click on the Donate button below for a secure link to our Paypal account.


If you have any problems with this link please email


Once you have made a donation we urge you to leave a message of support or a 'like' for Tara via our Facebook Event Page. Don't Forget to 'like' Hackney Shed to keep up to date with the progress of our fundraising and to see how Tara is getting on! Leave a message of support for her on our Run Hackney event page.