Drama and film making workshop for 14-19 year olds in Feb half term holiday

Hackney Shed are once again proud to be part of the Discover Young Hackney Festival in 2015! This year we are offering a one day workshop for 14-19 year old's covering drama and film making. The end product will be a short film that will be shared at a screening in July.

The 7 Stories of Hackney

You will work with a professional film-maker to produce short films on what it means to be a young person living in Hackney in 2015.

Ever wanted to act in the movies? Direct? Know what goes on behind the scenes to create a film, then join us on:

Tuesday 17th February 11am - 5pm

BSix college Theatre, Clapton, Hackney.

Email vicki@hackneysed.org.uk to sign up

Visit the Discover Young Hackney Website to find out what else is going on this year!