A Fairy Tale - Hackney Shed's Summer Production

Tickets are now available for our end of term summer production featuring our Children's Theatre and our Youth Theatre!


The focus at the start of this year was responding to images and writing and looking at an overall theme of ‘perception’.  What we see and what is the truth behind it.  We were reminded of the famous ‘Cottingley fairies’ photographs, taken exactly 100 years ago in 1917 by two young cousins who convinced the world that they really did have fairies at the bottom of their garden!  In this modern world of ‘fake news’ and social media it’s hard to keep track of reality versus fantasy, and our performances this evening explore these themes with a touch of added fairy dust!  These original pieces were written by one of our talented practitioners but inspired by the characters and scenarios invented by our members in their Hackney Shed sessions.